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  • Problem: Many products can't be sent from Amazon US to the Bosque.
    • Solution: Try and find them on Amazon Mexico, and keep a list of things for people to buy and bring down with them.

Where to send products

Bosque Village shipping address

Many products will not ship from USA Amazon to Mexico. For those, you would need to have them shipped to you, put on a new label and send it to the Bosque. Or you could order them from Amazon Mexico but that site is only in Spanish though your browser can translate it for you.

Current wish lists

Amazon USA

Amazon Mexico

Things to be given to Bosque participants

You know how in the Hunger Games books and movies, viewers could send supplies or tools to the fighters? In the same way, you can send products to participants. Some of these items are kept in stock in the Bosque and can immediately be given to the participant of your choosing.