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Brian Fey founded the Bosque Village in 2004.

  • Do the 23 and Me test. Get a different kit. Let someone else use the one that I have. Get mine done under a fake name.

List of things Brian Fey likes

Brian Fey talks

Bosque talks : TED type forum for others.

  • What will the end of civilization look like? Make it real and visceral. Early and late. Cannabalism.

Misc to do

Learn: Touch typing




  • Make the spanish wiki now.


  • Post photos to the Bosque photo albums :
  • Make templates for all these
  • Investigate and write up about one municipio in Michaocan. Michoacán
  • Add one recipe to test?
  • Translate one quora answer to spanish? Need to do more.
  • Investigate one ingredient.
  • Add one off the special days
  • Investigate one plant.
  • Add photos to flickr.
  • Mark some photos as creative commons.
  • Add photos to instagram.

low priority

Project: Brian Fey biography

Brian Fey online

See also: Where to find the Bosque Village online

video interviews

Videos about Brian Fey and Bosque Village


How old is Brian Fey?

    • GreenForestBrian
  • Common misspellings: rianfey, brianfeg, brianfebg, grianfey, gbrianfey, Brian Fay, Bria