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The Bosque Village was funded by the founder, Brian Fey, from 2004 until 2014 until he was no longer able to support funding participants. Now, the Bosque is funded by no one, so sources of funding will need to be developed before it can re-open.

To do

  • Develop relationships with sponsors. Write the introduction letter in Spanish.
  • Define how participants can come by self-funding or raising money for their participation. Crowdfunding
  • Setup Patreon to start accepting funding.
  • Send letter to friends requesting support. Video? Preparing for Patreon



San Galileo Privado


  • Write up what participants experience. Video?
  • Since no other funding has yet been developed, participants can fund their own participation. The contributions vary depending on the role and length of stay.

General participants can expect to pay around $1000 USD per month if they wish to be housed in a cabin, and less if they are camping.

  • Global Direct Deposit via Payoneer - not possible. doesn't support non-profits.
  • Crowdfunding using Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gofundme.

Individual Patrons and Donors

See: donors


  • Organizations [ Grants
  • Businesses
  • Products
  • Need to write up letter to potential sponsors.
  • Need to make a special page for sponsors.
  • Need to organize the list of possible sponsors.


  • Cumbre Yah : Held during Semana Santa each year, we host dynamic people in a participatory environment. We are considering also holding this event in Mid July and in the fall. These events are not really designed to generate a lot of revenue. We would rather be able to offer discounts to interesting active people than charge them a lot for participation.
  • July event. Use the name Julio Cumbre Yah?


Permaculture training

  • Composting toilets
  • Medicinal plants.

Product sales

  • We should be attempting to sell products on Etsy and Ebay.
  • Brian Fey's art
  • Wooden sculptures.
  • Chicken eggs
  • Rabbit meat.
  • Prison shoes.
  • Cookbook
  • Furniture
  • Masks

Affiliate marketing

Though we are against consumerism and are very careful about what products we buy, there are some products which are very well built, and make like sustainably better.

So we make lists of those products in this wiki to promote the best brands and solutions.

Product reviews : Book reviews


The Amazon Associates Program allows us to make links to products we support. Any purchases made on Amazon in the 24 hours following that earn the Bosque Village a commission. So if you are going to be shopping, see our product reviews.

  • And if you are buying gifts the Amazon Gift Finder to find the best gifts! See: Amazon Gift Finder


Express VPN


  • It is unlikely we will make much money off YouTube. We should invite YouTubers here as participants though.
  • We should monetize some videos because YouTube promotes monetized videos more.