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The Bosque Village is a sustainability laboratory located in the highlands of Mexico near Patzcuaro, Michoacan.

It was founded by Brian Fey in 2004 and is managed by the non-profit Alianza Intercultural Sustentable.

Our Missions

  1. Develop and practice a culture for a sustainable human civilization. See: Bosque Culture
    1. Provide Bosque Participants with intense experiences, living close to nature with less resources, while developing their own knowledge and skills to build a more sustainable culture in their home communities. See: Bosque Activities : Projects
    2. We share our knowledge and experiences with each other, but also with the world: See: Bosque Videos, Quora, and this wiki. See: Creative commons : Open source
    3. We use, review, and develop energy systems to live more sustainably. See: Solar electricity, Composting toilets, Pee gardens, Grey water, Solar food dehydration, Solar cooking : waste : recycling : upcycling : Rainwater Catchment : Extreme conservation : Product reviews
    4. Bosque Food culture: Food Philosophy : Food preservation : Eating locally : Raising chickens : raising rabbits : : fermentation : meat : Food forest farming
    5. Develop a better Philosophy of music, art, and performance : See Music : Art : Performance : Creative commons
    6. Build with sustainability as a primary objective: Natural building : Architecture
  2. Protect and enhance the natural environment of the forest. See: Food forest farming : Gardens : Wildlife restoration
  3. Promote sustainable tourism in Michoacan. See: Tourism development : Deep travel
  4. Be a good neighbor to nearby communities: community programs : food security : Yotatiro : Eronga



  • Documented and shared. For our projects we take video, photos, and write up our experiences.
  • Replicable. We wish to share our work so others around the world can learn from our mistakes and apply our solutions in their own ways in their environments.
  • Open Source and Creative Commons. We want to give our knowledge away.

How to get involved

Bosque Lists

Bosque Philosophies


Promotion of local tourism by discovering and documenting hidden attractions with Deep Travel.

A video tour

Quick tour of the infrastructure of the Bosque Village - 2017