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See: Crowdfunding for other efforts.

"See Patreon on

Patreon is a crowdfunding website the Bosque Village people can use to support the project. It is different than other crowdfunding platforms because it support subscription based funding. Supporters can decide to give the Bosque some funds each month rather than supporting a single big effort.

You can create a Patreon account and get supporters for your work, use this link and the Bosque gets a reward for referring you:

Which Patreon projects are located in Mexico?

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Deep in the forest lives The Bosque Village, a cultural experiment and sustainability laboratory.

Creative people visit the highlands of Mexico from all over the world to learn about permaculture, live close to nature, and develop their skills. Bosque Village has no outside power or water. Life is rustic and not always easy.

For years, we have shared our adventures in developing a new human culture with videos on our YouTube channel. After building the base, testing, growing, and learning, I am now experimenting with using Patreon for supporting the Bosque Village!

Patrons get special access to see what is going on at the Bosque and even get to influence the directions of our projects. It’s a new frontier for me, The Bosque village, and our participants and supporters. Join our support community here at Patreon, and come with us!

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  • Pledge $1 or more per month
    • Access to Patreon private activity feed! We will interact with our Patrons privately, share videos, and anything else that will be fun.
    • The sincere thanks of Brian, the local team, and their families!
    • Hopefully you're experiencing the sweet, rich feeling that you contributed to a healthier planet!
  • Pledge $3 or more per month
    • Notification of online video chats and auditions among participants and applicants.
    • PLUS all lower reward levels
    • Pledge $5 or more per month
    • You can participate in video hangouts with participants.
    • PLUS all lower reward levels
  • Pledge $15 or more per month
    • "Backstage pass". Get exclusive access to our behind the scenes videos.
    • Occasionally we will list a video that we have worked on but didn't release to everyone.
    • Online webcast hangouts hosted by Brian. This will be coffee chat, Q&A style. Using Google Hangout or other video chat systems.
    • PLUS all lower reward levels
  • Pledge $50 or more per month
    • Advisor If you support us at this level for 6-months you can vote on what types of projects we focus on: Agriculture, Energy experiments, art, ecobuilding, local community projects. And you can participate in private discussions about the projects as they develop.
    • A personal video thank you from Brian and the team which you can post on your own social media if you wish.
    • PLUS all lower reward levels
  • Pledge $100 or more per month
    • Bosque Village Research Team
    • You or someone you choose to sponsor will be given access to a private discussion used to research upcoming Bosque topics.
    • Personal collaboration will happen as we prepare future projects.
    • May require signing a non-disclosure agreement.
    • If you support us at this level for 6-months we’ll send you an exclusive invitation to Patron events in the Bosque Village.
    • PLUS all lower reward levels

Video conferencing

  • Use for video conferences.

Ideas for other rewards

    • Godfrey McDonnell
    • Items made on the Bosque and in the local community/town such as and featured on in the videos. The Blacksmith/Forger, metal worker, crafts, Local recipe book,Ice water ice recipes, shakes & smoothies sweets & creams , potted plant guide and potted guides to all that goes on from composting to growing. Les Encycle Bosque . Made by hand no animals were harmed or toxins created in the printing of these suggestions.
      • Godfrey McDonnell
      • 1 Signed photo/print of the Bosque chicken and Brian.
      • 2 Signed photo and Bosque hat band.
      • 3 Photo, hat band, notch/mention on the Bosque Totem/s.
      • 4 All of three plus a signed tee shirt.
      • 5 All of four plus privileged access to Bosque video endorsements and Brian’s personal Totem.
      • 6 A totem of your own in the Bosque Totem yard plus all of 5.
    • Betsy Megas
      • Do you still do any painting, and would you consider mailing pieces to supporters? I’m thinking along the lines of Artist Trading Cards or postcard size, and maybe up to about letter size if a parcel is already that dimension, unless you’d like to get lavish for higher-level supporters.
      • It seems like it would be a more personal way to connect with your supporters than yet-another-tshirt. For you, it could also be an opportunity to do a multitude of little experiments, and perhaps to put odds and ends or reclaimed scrap materials to good use. If you’re already mailing anything else, a tiny artwork shouldn’t add much cost.
      • Besides “You get to advise us,” have you considered, “We offer to advise you”? Would you be willing to share, say, a consultation on off-grid living or rainwater catchments via videoconference? Obviously, this is a $50 or $100 thing, not a $2 thing.
      • Another easy thing to offer is a video shout-out. “Hi everybody. I’m here at the Bosque with Valerie Visitor. Before we get started talking about solar heaters, I’d like to thank today’s featured supporter, Pauline Patron. Thanks, Pauline! You can support us, too, by making a donation at…”


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