The sauna

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See also: Bosque Village Spa : Spa Day Sauna Master

The Sauna is build based on the book "The Sauna: A Complete Guide to the Construction, Use, and Benefits of the Finnish Bath" by Rob Roy. The changes we made to the design are to use cob instead of concrete for the cordwood, and to put the firebox with the wood entry outside so we don't have to bring wood into the sauna or open the door.

  • Problem: The sauna takes too long to heat because Brian built is partly into the slope with a rock wall base. need to design and build a whole new sauna as part of the Spa Complex.


  • Don't bring glass into or near the sauna. need to get a set of plastic cups in varying colors. And a couple large plastic pitchers.

Using the sauna

  • Drink lots of water prior to using the sauna. You will be sweating out a lot of liquid.
  • Bring a towel to sit on if you will be nude.

Sauna master

  • Start the sauna first thing in the morning.
  • Feed the sauna every hour keeping it crammed full of wood.
  • Experiment needed: Measure the temperature each hour to make the graph of how long it takes to heat up.


  • Shovel to remove ashes.
  • Ashes bucket
  • Nearby gardens for ashes.
  • cold shower
  • firewood
  • broom
  • dust pan.
  • Bag of dried native anis
  • old bread mold for putting water in to make vapor.
  • volcanic stones to scrub skin with
  • Vinegar to clean
  • fire fan
  • matches
  • hook for hanging towels
  • thermometer
  • LED light in window
  • tealights
  • kindling
  • nearby firepit


  • nearby pee seat, and pee stand connected to pee gardens : projects
  • Seats in the sun. The metal chairs and table work for now. Could have reclining seats but the sun is really too strong to sit in directly. A polycarb roof would be better.