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World Honey Bee Day is the third Saturday in August. This day is for honoring honey bees and beekeepers

The day was initially started in 2009 as "National Honey Bee Day" but it makes more sense for it to be worldwide since bees matter so much all over the world!

Buy local honey!

  • 2017: August 19th
  • 2018: August 18th
  • 2019: August 17th
  • 2020: August 15th

Activities for World Honey Bee Day

  • Collect local wildflower seeds and spread them to where nothing is growing.
  • Plant a bee friendly garden with native and nectar producing flowers. Use plants that can grow without extra water and chemicals. Native plants are the best to grow in any region.
  • If you have land to put honey bees on, learn about how to raise them! Consider allowing a beekeeper to maintain beehives on your property. Beekeeping For Dummies is a good book to start with.
  • If you can't raise bees, talk to your friends who have space and get them interested in raising bees.
  • Encourage beekeepers to open their apiary to friends.
  • Organize a honey tasting with your friends. There are lots of flavors of honey depending on what flowers the bees visited.
  • Have a picnic or party with a bee theme! People can wear Bee costumes Or at least wear yellow and black!
  • Buy some mead and learn about this amazing drink! Consider learning to brew mead! It is easier than making beer, though you should age it for 2 years for an amazing flavor. See if there are any meaderies near you, or you can find mead on Amazon.
  • Get to know your local beekeepers. Ask them what season they will have honey for sale. You might get a good price if you buy a whole 5 gallon bucket. Friends can come over and fill their honey jars. Honey is the best "green" sweetener you can buy.
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  • Learn about the dangers and risks with homeowner pesticides and chemicals. Whenever possible, choose non-damaging and non-chemical treatments in and around the home.


Watch movies about bees with your family and friends!


Past selected themes for National Honey Bee Day:

  • 2016 - Beekeeping - A Hobby With A Sweet Taste!
  • 2015 - Ban Ignorance - Not Honey Bees!
  • 2014 - Sustainable Gardening Begins with Honey Bees
  • 2013 - Beekeeping - Ask Me How To Get Started
  • 2012 - Sustainable Agriculture Starts with Honey Bees
  • 2011 - Building A Sustainable Future, One Flower At A Time
  • 2010 - Local Honey - Good For Bees, You, and the Environment
  • 2009 - Support Local Beekeeping Become A Locavore!

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