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Day of the Dead Mural

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 by Marie

Every year we put together an ofrenda for Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos.  An ofrenda is a shrine we build to honor friends and relatives (and, in Bosque style, altering the traditions a bit to include pets, body parts, or whatever else seems right).  This year Margret painted a mural on the Casita to serve as a backdrop to our annual ofrendas and a real piece of art to admire for the rest of the year.

She started by repairing a crack in the wall with cement:

Below Dennise, Margret, and Forest are working hard to get the mural ready for Day of the Dead:

Margret adding finishing touches:

And the mural at night, with the candles lit on the ofrenda:

Thanks to Margret, who volunteered here for a month.  Amazing work!

Bosque Logo

Thursday, October 15th, 2009 by Marie

Brenda made a logo for the Bosque!


It is already been put to much use: for the Bosque flier, the activities board, and our letterhead. Yay! Thanks to Brenda, a volunteer here who is a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

Firing clay

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 by Marie

Brenda, one of our awesome resident volunteers, has been experimenting with clay in her free time.  Out of several volunteers and visitors who talked about figuring out a way to fire pottery, Brenda is the first to put the clay into the fire.  Quite literally.

Rather than messing around with pit firing or building a kiln, Brenda went back to basics and stuck some of her clay art into one of our campfires.  Surprisingly this primitive method worked just fine. The photo below is of the finished products, taken by Brenda.

Pottery is one of the popular activities at the Bosque.  We can use a mixture of dirt from the forest and dirt from Tzintzuntzan, a town across the lake that specializes in beautiful pottery.  We buy large bags of white dirt to mix with our dirt and make masks, basic pots, and trinkets.  The clay was also used to make the mold for Charles’ giant puppet head.

Our future plans do include pit firing (the pit was dug about a year ago!) and a kiln, but for now we’re quite happy to use the campfires.

Mural, mural, mural, on the walls!

Monday, May 4th, 2009 by Marie

Some of our visitors use their time in the forest as a personal artist retreat.   This area of Michoacán is known for attracting artists such as Frido Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  We’re not sure if it’s the climate, the openness of the people here to receiving strange artist foreigners, or just coincidence.  Whatever the case, we enjoy that we continue to attract talented artists and artisans to the Bosque and invite them to create!

Over the last year, the amount of art in the woods has increased dramatically.  Sculptures hanging from trees, crafts being done with local artisans, and perhaps the most noticeable: murals!

Visitors and volunteers who have an interest in creating a mural at the Bosque submit a proposal which includes a sketch, ideas about what space to paint the mural, and estimated time to completion.  Our flexibility range with mural design and ideas is very wide, and artists happily paint away on the walls of the Casita, the art studio, and the bodega.  The Casita has been the most popular painting location.  We want to tattoo the entire building - completely cover it with an eclectic mix of murals.

For murals (and most painting here) we use acrylic paints - mostly house paints.

Below are photos of some of the murals that have been created here.

The Letter, Trevor

Naked Woman Spreading Seeds, Giovana

Ganesh, Katerina

Eyes and Symbols, Brian

Tree Woman, Melissa

Spring, Bethany

Colorful X-Man, Nadia

Studio Mural, Brian

Singing, Bethany


Monday, March 16th, 2009 by Marie

It’s funny to watch the trends that pass through the Bosque with different visitors and volunteers.

The past two weeks have been full of knitting!  One of our recent visitors, Carla, carved knitting needles out of oak. A couple of hours of carving later, she knitted a nose warmer to help keep her warm during the chilly nights!

Carla knitting

A few days after Carla left, Meghann arrived.  When we picked her up in town she was busy knitting using a giant ball of wool yarn she had just bought in Pátzcuaro.  She is speedy!  She has been knitting Bosque hats for visitors and volunteers using a pattern she modeled after the pines that grow in the forest.

And below is Jenessa (left) and Meghann wearing their hats.

Meghann gave Nny and Brian (aka el gringo) knitting lessons and is helping them make their own hats:

And here is Meghann one last time with her giant ball of yarn:

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