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New Mural by Brandi

Thursday, March 17th, 2011 by Marie

Brandi stayed with us for a total of a month. She’s a wonderful person and contributed to both the vibe of the Bosque and also the art! During her time here she painted an absolutely amazing mural on an exterior wall of the Casita.

When guests inquire about painting a mural, Brian usually lets them use his large containers of paint with basic colors, because the small, speciality colors are quite expensive. After day one of Brandi painting with the bulk paint we were impressed! She mixed the bright colors so well and is so completely talented!

Full paint access: granted. Final result: incredible.

Thanks Brandi, for not only contributing art to the Bosque that so many people will get to appreciate, but also for being such a wonderful guest.

Some Recent Posts by Bosque Visitors

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 by Marie

We have been so thrilled to host so many amazing folks these last few months. Every single one of our guests has been a pleasure to meet and we’re happy that we can share this space with interesting travellers.

Seven recent guests have written about the Bosque on their blogs. Enjoy their entries!

  1. Eric and Sabrina are traveling through Mexico and Latin America on their motorcycle. Eric writes up their adventures (and takes amazing photos). See their entry about the Bosque here.
  2. Anna visited the Bosque and is en route - always! Her blog is a fascinating account of her world travels - by bicycle. Enjoy browsing her website. Her entry about the Bosque is here.
  3. Steven and Rossana were able to visit us during their latest trip to Michoacán. They founded Visionary Values; an organization committed to promoting sustainability and conscious consumerism. Their blog entry about the Bosque is here.
  4. Adam and Danny are on a long journey through Mexico, Central, and South America. We were happy they could make a stop at the Bosque! Adam wrote about his time at the Bosque here.

The Dogs and Niklas

Sunday, June 6th, 2010 by Marie

Niklas has been here nearly two months now, and we love how much he loves the dogs.

And the cats.

And all living creatures.

A great guy who makes life better for animals and people around him.

(photo by Ang)

Municipio learns about Sustainable Tourism

Monday, May 31st, 2010 by Marie

Last weekend a group of five representatives from a municipality in Jalisco came to visit to learn about our energy systems and gain knowledge of ecological and sustainable practices to implement in their town as they begin to promote sustainable tourism. It was wonderful to host passionate individuals who care deeply about their hometown, Mascota.  They stayed for four nights and were busy most of the day in meetings that they planned throughout the forest.

The group from Jalisco in one of their forest meetings

Brian spent several hours with them discussing the forms of sustainable systems at the Bosque and they thought about how to implement these systems into their city-park environments. The municipality is quite close to Puerto Vallerta, and can offer tourists a welcome break from time at the beach due to their fresh aired, mountainous location. During one meeting Brian and the group discussed the planning of two city parks.

Brian and Mascota group discussing the planning of two city parks

It was interesting to chat with this group, because a lot of the issues they are working with are similar to the stuff we consider as we plan for visitors and residents living in the forest. We also really appreciated the entire group’s mentality and their desire to improve their town while also thinking about how to save the environment around them and educate people of the benefits of sustainable systems.

Their leader, Ixtaccihuatl, is an artist. She painted a really gorgeous piece of art for us. Ixta is a vegetarian and was happy to have a venue to show her friends and colleagues that vegetarian food can be tasty. The four omnivores were unsure that they would be ok with 5 days of vegetarian food, but alas they loved it!

Thanks to the Mascota group for being lovely guests. We’ll be pleased to hear about the developments of tourism in the municipality, and we’d be honored to host you again.

The painting by Ixtaccihuatl:

A painting on wood by Ixtaccihuatl

The group with some of the Bosque volunteers, working on natural building:


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