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Bosque Family Gathering

Friday, January 7th, 2011 by Marie

Every year we host a dinner to celebrate our friends from the local villages and to thank them for being a part of the Bosque Village. 2010 was a fantastic year for the Bosque, full of many positive changes, new residents, great guests, and interesting projects. Towards the end of December was an appropriate time to bring everyone together to celebrate the work that has been done, the people who have helped, and the partnerships that have been created over the past few years.

We started off the gathering with some beers, home-made liquors (flavored with quince and blackberry), and a delicious meal prepared by Jairo and Nere. We ate pollo con mole (chicken with mole), champiñones con mole (mushrooms with mole), rice, beans, fresh corn tortillas, and a beautiful green salad.

Jairo and Nere, finishing up the final touches on the salad

Next, the piñatas! Jairo, Javiero, Heather and Damon had crafted a beautiful piñata for the occasion. We were also given a piñata by some friends from Pátzcuaro. The piñatas were filled to the brim with sweets, and both the kids and adults had a great time trying to break them while Beto skilfully moved the piñatas around the terrace with a rope. The piñata dances in the air while kids and adults try to hit it with a pole. The adults are blindfolded to make it more difficult and more amusing for the people watching.

And finally, according to tradition, some games of volleyball, trampoline, and tether ball. We think there is a conspiracy going on, because the same team that won last year’s volleyball tournament immediately formed nearly the same exact team this year, and proceeded to win game after game after game. Only when they were extremely tired did one team finally take them down.

The winning team: Chilino, Adan, Gonzalo, Javiero, Beto

We give a heartfelt thanks to our friends for being a part of the Bosque family. Without the continued effort of many people - class teachers, language exchange helpers, workers, residents, and visitors - the Bosque wouldn’t be able to survive.

Thanks to everyone for joining us on this strange adventure!


Friday, January 1st, 2010 by Marie

Happy New Year!

The Bosque is a forest full of happy people today!  New Year’s Eve was…  dare I say… the best one yet.  The current group - last group shot of 2009!:

Yesterday, after a big mid-day meal, Rose gathered people together for an intention setting ceremony.  Resolutions were shared and recorded.  A few people remarked that this was a completely new experience for them; a way to think about goals within a close group.

After that ceremony, some folks headed to the View for a yoga session.  The sauna ran all day and was SO nice - we have new benches made by Matt and Benjamin that are much more comfortable and practical than the “temporary” benches that were installed a year ago.

During dinner people exchanged gifts in Secret Santa fashion.  Included among the gifts: a beautiful necklace, a Moraccan shoe , $1000 fake pesos, a massage, handmade pottery, chocolate, dreamcatchers, and pick-up sticks.

We brought out the telescope to look at the full moon.

This New Year’s Eve we had a blue moon - read about blue moons on wikipedia.  A blue moon on December 31st happens even less than once in a blue moon!  Paul (being awesome as usual) used a magnifying glass to do moon-focusing.  The lens points the light of the moon onto a person’s forehead, and Paul draws a design.  His favorite symbol to draw is a heart, though he is happy to take requests.  Paul says the ritual opens up your third eye - an eye that can see…

We opened the Black Rock Lodge for a dance party!  It was the first time we’ve cleared out enough space for dancing in the main room.  Because Brian and I live in the lodge, and because we host so many people, we tend to keep the building closed except during the day when the kitchen is used to crank out food for folks.

Brian set up dance lights, a fog machine, a strobe light and a laser.  We ran the generator - a selective use of gasoline to help create a nice vibe.
Rose spent hours collecting good music - last night was her DJ debut.  Nearly everyone donned costumes and danced like crazy.

We counted down together for midnight - happy 2010!  Brian and I passed around Sidra (fizzy Mexican cider) and sparkling apple juice, and everyone shared beer and tequila.

The Bosque is welcoming 2010 today by taking time off from normal work and enjoying the lovely people, the forest, some good food and a nice sauna.  Today’s activities include a wood carving class, a pine needle basket weaving class, hammock laziness and card playing.  Tomorrow: we start our resolutions to make a better world.

We wish all our friends, family, and anyone reading a happy January 1.

Honey Cupcake does not know what to think:

Peggy made a million balloon hats:

Cool laser effects:

Dancing dancing dancing:

Cathy played the trombone.  She is amazing:

‘Tis the season

Saturday, December 26th, 2009 by Marie

We have had an extremely busy insanely great December!  Due to people having time off from work and travelers wanting to spend the holiday season with a community, our group is larger than normal.  We’ve had people coming through from Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, and India.  All of our visitors have been such a pleasure; leading activities such as meditation and temezcals (ritual sauna), making amazing sculptures and paintings, and working on building very needed furniture: tables, bunk beds, and shelving.

We are SO thankful to have such a large group of hard working individuals right now, especially since we are fighting a plague in our pine trees.  I’ll write a more in depth entry on that soon, but we really cannot express our gratitude for all the people who have helped us save the forest.  Their arrival and spirit was timely; we have cleared the plague out of several areas of the Bosque.  There is still work to be done, but the enthusiasm and drive of our volunteer team is astounding.

Though Christmas and holidays at the Bosque are not very traditional, we did take some time on the 25th to celebrate our current community.  Judith made an advent candle centerpiece for our table and Justine made a holiday tree.

The advent candles being lit for the second week of advent:

Justine’s tree (the base is the bottom of a maguey flower stem and the branches are madrone):

And now we prepare for the new year.  We are feeling really positive about what it will bring.  The amount of recent creativity and generosity has been such a wonderful thing for Brian and I to witness.

We wish you a happy solstice/Christmas/festivus/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/whatever.  Mostly, Happy December.

Looking foward to 2010!

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