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Yogurt making

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 by Marie

We recently started making yogurt - especially before special events where we plan to serve guests breakfast. Our homemade yogurt contains living, healthy bacteria: lactobacillus. This bacteria is known as a probiotic, and helps to strengthen our digestive systems.

Making your own yogurt is super easy. No special equipment is needed; just a double boiler (I fashion one out of two pots) and a food-safe container for storage. And two ingredients: a small amount of living yogurt, and milk. We get our milk from a local provider who raises grass-fed, free range cows.

A few days ago we delivered some starter (living yogurt) and instructions to friends in town who were curious how to make yogurt. Brian calls it a cultural contribution to the community (pun intended). Hopefully more people start making their own living yogurt instead of buying the dead, sugary yogurt that is normally available. For those who prefer a sweet yogurt, honey and fruit can be added for sweetness.

Making yogurt

For folks living in the Lake Pátzcuaro region who want to try making yogurt, you can purchase some living yogurt to eat and use as a starter at Don Chucho’s, near el estación in Pátzcuaro.

And yes, the previous entry is just a joke. :)

New Partnership

Friday, April 1st, 2011 by Marie

Today we announce a huge change for the Bosque Village. After a lot of thought, conversations, and considerations, we have decided to take a partnership with Barceló resorts.


The partnership will mean that we can receive a lot of funding to increase our infrastructure, make visiting easier and more comfortable, and expand our fruit orchards and veggie gardens.

We’re really excited about how this will help our project; getting just a bit of funding will help us develop the food forest, improve our access road, and make really comfy housing for guests.

For visitors, not much will change except the following:

  • Buffets will now include meat options, though vegetarian meals will always be available.
  • Rather than one shared shower, every cabin will have hot water that will be delivered from the city, instead of collected from the rain.
  • Electricity will be provided, from the grid.
  • An ocean will be installed near the view of Lake Pátzcuaro.

Here’s to an exciting new adventure!

Casita Couch Covers

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 by Marie

Javiero recently sewed couch covers for the Casita couches, which are a bit aged, to say the least. He made two sets of covers which we can change out and wash when they become dirty from use by dusty hikers, eco-builders, and Kali-Spot (our beloved hairy cat who, without our consent, moved herself in to the house).


Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 by Marie

Ocote: a magical fire starter that we harvest from some of  our pine trees which have been damaged by fire or lightening.

Ocote is super-resinous wood that is produced in a number of the pines in this area. It is a bit mysterious. Looking it up, I can’t find a lot of information about why exactly a tree over-produces the resinous wood. Local theory is that when a tree is damaged, ocote is produced near the damaged area in an effort to recover. This article confirms the theory: perhaps the tree is protecting itself from further damage from insects after initial fire damage.

Ocote is sold in the markets, but we just harvest our own. It makes lighting fires very easy. Ocote lights easily using a match, and while it burns faster than wood, it burns long enough to get the kindling and fire going well. Just a small piece is needed to start a fire; except in the rainy season when outdoor fire starting becomes somewhat of a challenge, and two pieces may be needed.

New Mural by Brandi

Thursday, March 17th, 2011 by Marie

Brandi stayed with us for a total of a month. She’s a wonderful person and contributed to both the vibe of the Bosque and also the art! During her time here she painted an absolutely amazing mural on an exterior wall of the Casita.

When guests inquire about painting a mural, Brian usually lets them use his large containers of paint with basic colors, because the small, speciality colors are quite expensive. After day one of Brandi painting with the bulk paint we were impressed! She mixed the bright colors so well and is so completely talented!

Full paint access: granted. Final result: incredible.

Thanks Brandi, for not only contributing art to the Bosque that so many people will get to appreciate, but also for being such a wonderful guest.

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