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Sunday, July 30th, 2006 by Brian

Jade cuttingsAfter you cut a succulent plant… such as Jade, with its thick leaves, then you need to let the wound heal for a day before putting it in the ground. It wants the wound to dry and not rot in the ground.
After that, jades and other succulents are easy! At the Bosque: Just plant them right into the ground anytime before, during, or after the rainy season… maybe from early June to November… but the best time is likely June. Doesn’t really matter if it just rained or not…

Perhaps we should have a succulent cuttings party? One a year, or for the first two weekends of June.. We can use succulents to teach people how to do cuttings, because they are the easiest kind to do.
In summer 2005 I put in perhaps 100 jade cuttings… maybe more… they lived. This year I put in another … I lost track. Well over 1000. I don’t like houseplants much… I would rather have the plants take care of themselves outside.

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