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Monday, March 16th, 2009 by Marie

It’s funny to watch the trends that pass through the Bosque with different visitors and volunteers.

The past two weeks have been full of knitting!  One of our recent visitors, Carla, carved knitting needles out of oak. A couple of hours of carving later, she knitted a nose warmer to help keep her warm during the chilly nights!

Carla knitting

A few days after Carla left, Meghann arrived.  When we picked her up in town she was busy knitting using a giant ball of wool yarn she had just bought in Pátzcuaro.  She is speedy!  She has been knitting Bosque hats for visitors and volunteers using a pattern she modeled after the pines that grow in the forest.

And below is Jenessa (left) and Meghann wearing their hats.

Meghann gave Nny and Brian (aka el gringo) knitting lessons and is helping them make their own hats:

And here is Meghann one last time with her giant ball of yarn:

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