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MaryFer: Video editing!

Friday, October 16th, 2009 by Marie

MaryFer is one of the resident volunteers here.  She has been living at the Bosque since June, and plans to stay until November.  One of her interests is improving her video capturing and editing skills, and in the past couple of months she has been filming and editing in order to show interested people what to expect at the Bosque Village.

Here is one of her videos from September at the Bosque:

Bosque Logo

Thursday, October 15th, 2009 by Marie

Brenda made a logo for the Bosque!


It is already been put to much use: for the Bosque flier, the activities board, and our letterhead. Yay! Thanks to Brenda, a volunteer here who is a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

Firing clay

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 by Marie

Brenda, one of our awesome resident volunteers, has been experimenting with clay in her free time.  Out of several volunteers and visitors who talked about figuring out a way to fire pottery, Brenda is the first to put the clay into the fire.  Quite literally.

Rather than messing around with pit firing or building a kiln, Brenda went back to basics and stuck some of her clay art into one of our campfires.  Surprisingly this primitive method worked just fine. The photo below is of the finished products, taken by Brenda.

Pottery is one of the popular activities at the Bosque.  We can use a mixture of dirt from the forest and dirt from Tzintzuntzan, a town across the lake that specializes in beautiful pottery.  We buy large bags of white dirt to mix with our dirt and make masks, basic pots, and trinkets.  The clay was also used to make the mold for Charles’ giant puppet head.

Our future plans do include pit firing (the pit was dug about a year ago!) and a kiln, but for now we’re quite happy to use the campfires.

Google map of our visitors

Friday, October 2nd, 2009 by Marie

One of our greatest satisfactions is that we attract people from all over the world.  We recently added our past visitors into google maps for fun!
Our visitor and volunteer map:
(be patient - it may take awhile to load)

View Bosque Visitors in a larger map
(If you can’t find yourself here and you’ve been to the Bosque, email us and let us know!)

Rattlesnake bite #3

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 by Marie

First: Mambo.

Second: Contreras.

Third: Luna.

Another rattlesnake bite a few days ago.  Unlike Contreras, who was mostly sad, and Mambo, who likely didn’t notice anything wrong, Luna was ticked.  Luna is a human trapped in a dog suit and does not like to be pestered with injuries or snake bites.

We gave her some medicine and tried to keep her from adventuring too much for a couple of days.  She healed remarkably quickly; the snake just got her once in the ear.

Rattlesnakes do live in the forest, but they are quite shy and we rarely see them.  The dogs are much more adventurous (and stupid) than us, and encounter a whole different world of things during their daily fun in the woods.

Luna is happier now.

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