People at the Bosque

Who is the Bosque Village?

We’ve updated our People at the Bosque in order to include volunteers and teachers.

Our volunteers make up “Team Bosque” - they tend gardens, work on natural building projects, help cook and clean, and run activities for other volunteers and guests.  Each person brings a different vibe and spirit with them. The mix of different perspective and creative ideas let us improve our projects and spaces.  Some are certified in ecovillage design or have their permaculture design certificate; others come through organizations like WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) and HelpEx.  They work hard for us five days a week, and spend off hours hanging out with other folks around the Bosque and exploring Pátzcuaro, Morelia, and other nearby towns.


Our teachers are people in the local villages who offer classes ranging from bread making to stone working.  The teachers we have found are friendly, easy to communicate with, and incredibly knowledgeable.  Their warmness and sense of openness to students has made offering classes a pleasure.  We always look forward to students coming back from bread class, their stomachs stuffed and hands tired, but eyes bright from the experience.


Sometimes we get inquires about how many people are here or whether Spanish or English is dominant.  It always depends!  We have had people here from Scotland, Australia, England, USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Poland, Germany, Tunisia, Japan, Ireland, and more.  The dynamic is always different; there have been some weeks filled with yoga lessons every day, some with soccer games in the afternoons, others with meditation, discussions, volleyball, or lots of day-trips.  And, also dependent on who is around, language can range from Spanish to English to Spanglish, with occasional mixes of French, Japanese, and German.

Check out the new page to read our bios, as well as short bios on all our current volunteers and our teachers.

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