The fire has come now here.
I was in town and I come home and it is 30 meters from my land. Everything is smoke. The fire goes slow but it comes now to my land.

I am going to go fight it and I moved my van to a place more clear of trees. I have a silver fire jacket and I will try to make a wet hat.

The fire will hit on the south side. Wind will bring it in.

I don’t have water to fight the fire but I will know how to fight now I hope.


fire aftermathFire under control here. It jumped the road and got on another guys land then came onto mine. It is still burning but not spreading more on my land. It is really hard to tell… it damaged a couple acres at most of mine. It is about 1/2 kilometer from cabana.

Two guys helped too. They have done this before and I had tools for us all. They are home now and will return in a few hours.

Burned fence posts. One of my trails stopped the fire. Trails are good.

Can’t really fight the main fire… too hot to get close… just got to keep it from jumping to new place. Put out small fires. The main fire is still going about a mile away. It looks big still but I can’t see that it has spread. Hard to tell.

There is thunder. If I am very lucky there will be rain.

It is a very good thing this didn’t happen last month when things where drier. This place would have all fried.
I am glad I understand better now how fires here work. Some of the things I am doing increase the likelihood of fire and some things are reducing risk. They are not really that dangerous except that they could burn my cabanas.

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