Volunteer Spotlight: Hugo Lacroix

Hugo is on a mission - nothing can stop him!  He is biking from Quebec, Canada, to Tierra del Fuego; the southernmost tip of Argentina.    Cycling this distance is a long journey, but the personal trip quite longer.  Hugo volunteered with us last October, and he is, we believe, still in Mexico, taking time to absorb different spaces and different people as he continues his journey.

Hugo arrived to the Bosque to attend a social event we had here.  He participated in and created the happening which occurred, and decided to return for a month to help us out with some projects.

What a month!  In the short time Hugo spent at the Bosque, he helped us an immeasureable amount.  He happened to arrive at a time when we were re-writing our entire website, and helped us design the Bosque Village webpage to be more user-friendly, functional, and easy to update.

His geeky know-how was just one contribution he made while he was here.  He put together our solar oven, which was a project that had been in the works for over a year.  In less than two weeks we had a functioning oven - tried, tested, and used over 100 times.  We use the solar oven in the dry season to bake banana bread, oatmeal cookies, and granola.  It also works well to cook beans, rice, and soup.   Because of our solar oven, we are able to use less propane and enjoy homemade baked goods!

Hugo working on the construction of the solar oven:

Aside from these contributions, Hugo was a pleasant person to have around.  He spent some time with us as a visitor so that he could telecommute working on website development projects - but this didn’t stop him from hauling wood down to the Casita when needed, pumping water, or helping tidy up the terrace.  He was a part of the community here at the Bosque, and helped out in any way he could, whether he was officially working that day or not.

We miss you Hugo!  Come back sometime when your travels allow it.  We’ll be here working, with great people, more art, more projects and adventures.

Thanks to Suzie for inviting Hugo to the Bosque!

With tree man:


Explaining the solar hot water heater

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