Volunteer Spotlight: Raúl

Raúl is originally from Mexico City but lives in Queretero.  Raúl has been actively pursuing places in which to learn about permaculture and alternative styles of living, and has plans to create his own permaculture farm with friends. He volunteered with us for four months and helped in a variety of ways.

A diligent and hard-working individual, Raúl set up our Spanish language program, including beginner and intermediate class lesson plans and various methods for self-study.  He also led several permaculture workshops, talks about vegetarianism, and classes on natural building.  Always interested in teaching and spreading valuable information, Raúl spent one of his last days at the Bosque co-creating a permaculture class for 10 volunteers and 5 folks from nearby villages.

Most volunteers work until lunch and are done for the day; not Raúl.  At night he hosted fires and sang, played guitar, and made campfires more magical for everyone.  In the afternoon he taught Spanish.  During events he scheduled and led different classes and activities.  In his free time he worked on writing a novel and hosts an online radio program.  Raúl is not concerned about hours; he wants to make a better world.

For Brian and myself, Raúl was one of the easiest volunteers to work with.  He truly understands what it is like to create a place like the Bosque, and was empathetic with our choices and plans even if he might have chosen a different route.  His advice is invaluable, and his help was just amazing.  Raúl was consistently available to help, allowing us to cross language barriors several times.  To this day he still sends us e-mails with valuable information.

Above all, Raúl’s character is incredible.  He is a thoughtful person who is always thinking about how his actions affect the world around him.  Some called him strong-willed; we just call him strong.  Raúl will be a friend of the Bosque forever.

Leading a discussion on vegetarianism:


Leading a class on Permaculture with Alejandro:

Teaching Spanish:

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