Virgo Birthday Party

Last night we had our Virgo birthday party!

The Virgos (anyone with a birthday from August 22 to September 23), Brenda and Marie, threw a party for the folks here.  We also invited some friends from nearby.  Our crowd included people from Belgium, Argentina, England, USA, South Africa, and Mexico (Guadalajara, Sonora, and Uruapan).


Honey Cupcake too:
honey cupcake!

Board games (Perpetual Commotion!):
perpetual commotion!

Popcorn (three flavors):

And singing and music by the fire:

Rather than celebrate individual birthdays, we like to have the people whose birthdays fall within each zodiac sign throw a party for everyone else.  This was our first astrological birthday party- many more to come!

Virgo is a sign of the goddess.  In the native Purépecha culture, Xarátenga was the goddess of the sea and the moon. Xarátenga’s domain was in the west of Michoacán, and she was symbolized as an owl, a crone or a coyote.   Perhaps in future years Xarátenga will be incorporated into our Virgo fiestas!

Happy birthday Virgos!

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