Alyssa’s first 3 weeks WWOOFing at the Bosque

AlyssaI’ve been volunteering at the Bosque Village for 3 exciting weeks. I’ve set up camp in the corner of a lovely cabana overlooking Lago Pátzcuaro and the gorgeous surrounding mountains. The view is breathtaking! It’s also a great spot for stargazing and admiring the incredible thunder and lightning storms.

The first couple weeks, everybody on the land planted seeds frantically. A short window of opportunity between the end of the dry season and the beginnings of the rainy season meant a lot had to be done in a little time. With all hands on deck, practically every garden had been prepped, planted, and watered (praise the rain-god!) and we all sighed with relief at the end of the 2 or so weeks, anxious and excited to see the fruits of our labor!

The timings of my arrival here was perfect because I was able to attend a neighboring towns’ celebration of Corpus Cristi, a Catholic holiday during which people are giving offerings to God. How that plays out in the street is that people stand on their rooftops, throwing handmade crafts, household goods, food, etc to the crowd of people gathered in the street. It was an exciting evening, and I was thrilled to be present at such a neat celebration. I was even able to practice my Spanish with a few locals! Poco un poquito my Spanish is improving, however now my vocabulary consists mostly of garden words and plant names. While that may not be useful back in the USA, it’s certainly useful here!

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