Day of the Dead Mural

Every year we put together an ofrenda for Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos.  An ofrenda is a shrine we build to honor friends and relatives (and, in Bosque style, altering the traditions a bit to include pets, body parts, or whatever else seems right).  This year Margret painted a mural on the Casita to serve as a backdrop to our annual ofrendas and a real piece of art to admire for the rest of the year.

She started by repairing a crack in the wall with cement:

Below Dennise, Margret, and Forest are working hard to get the mural ready for Day of the Dead:

Margret adding finishing touches:

And the mural at night, with the candles lit on the ofrenda:

Thanks to Margret, who volunteered here for a month.  Amazing work!

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