A late night note from Brian

My day today started at 5 am. And it ending now at 12:40 am doing things I don’t want to do; Telling nice smart wonderful people they are…. I start tomorrow at 7 am if I can get to sleep. Total of 21 people to manage in the morning. Luckily, I am getting better at it and have it mostly figured out. Mostly with surprises. Getting better at talking with people in Spanish who barely speak English or Spanish. Great mix of projects and lots of progress. Will have 5 meetings, 1 group discussion if I don’t cancel it for tiredness. Three teams of two will arrive to deal with the unmentionable problem, but all the paperwork in in place now. I am playing roles I don’t like but are part of the survival of the project. Tricky puzzles getting easier as my tolerance of bullshit and abuse decreases and my ability to communicate the goals and difficulties increases. People here are happy. Vibe good. Really amazing mix of people. It is like having a party of temporary housemates during their peak educational vacation experience. I wish I could attend the party sometimes. I need to be like stainless steel. There has been rain and I can metaphorically feel so many of the baby plants we put in this year being so very happy. I need to be… who I am not yet. I guess I should just be satisfied to be doing the best job I can do and some how try to find a few moments I can relax and be happy. Stainless steel machine must work harder.  If I was a marketing guy I would say I should work at 110%, but as a rational dude who isn’t totally stupid I will settle for something over 90%.    I hope we are all working for a better world as best we are able.

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