Volunteer Spotlight: Matt

Matt volunteered at the Bosque for a little over four weeks.  During his time here he built tables, shelving, and a chicken house.  He helped fix the grey water system at the Casita, worked with Chilino to build a roof for the chicken coop, and worked with Benjamin to build amazing seating for our sauna.

Besides his building frenzy, Matt was an honest and forthright member of the ever-dynamic Bosque community.  He noticed the needs of visitors and volunteers and made sure they were met, either by himself or with help from Brian or myself.  He saw problems and helped to fix them.  He successfully mediated conflicts and sought solutions.

Matt’s vivaciousness allowed him to cross language barriers and make friends with everyone who came through the Bosque.  He noticed the constant social changes we experience here as people come and go; and he went with it!  Matt saw three cohesive groups form and re-form during his time here, and he was always eager to join in and help create an amazing vibe.  His humor and kind spirit made the Bosque a better place.

Matt is a well rounded individual who was an asset to the Bosque, and he is missed!

During carving class:

With Paul on New Year’s Eve:

Building a table for the stove in the Casita:

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