Therapeutic Massage

Nancy is visiting from Australia, and has offered massage to several of our other volunteers and visitors.  She is putting our massage table into good use!
Nancy writes about her practice:

I used several techniques in my massage treatment to bring greater circulation to the body, in terms of muscles, tendons, ligaments and energy centers throughout the body.

Increased circulation, enhanced nutritions to the body so that healings can take place contribute to an elevated sense of well-being for the Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit.

Chinese acupressure: To stimulate energy points in the muscles and tendons throughout the body.

Shiatsu techniques: for working along the meridians, which are lines of energy points correlating to the internal organs of the body such as the kidney, liver, etc.

Remedial massage techniques: focus on the problem areas of the body.  Deep tissue work helps to remove scar tissue and realign fibrous tissues of the muscles and tendons.

Swedish massage: with light strokes soothes painful parts of the body by applying firm and even pressure.

All of these techniques are applied by the use of thumbs, fingers, palms, knuckles and elbows.

Treatment can be through clothes or without clothes with oil on a portable massage table.

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