Charles and the Giant Puppet

Charles, a great volunteer we had in December and January, taught us how to build giant puppet heads!  He worked hard for many days and completed the puppet head on his last night here.

It is, indeed, a giant puppet head.

giant puppet head and charles

In our volunteer program we try hard to engage our volunteers in tasks that develop new skills, as well as involve skills and knowledge that each individual brings to the Bosque.  Brie and Suzie brought papermaking and bookbinding, Johnny brought new ideas of drip irrigation for our mandarin tree, Dominik taught us how to make juggling clubs out of recycled materials, and Nancy contributed massage ideas.

(And that’s just to name a few)

It is exciting to watch every volunteer and visitor bring their past experience and skill to the Bosque.  We are continuing to have many people pass through, and the collective knowledge base is growing exponentially.

In addition to teaching us about giant puppets and creating el hermitaño (based on a traditional mask of a hermit living in a forest),  Charles taught us how to make kimchi, a Korean fermented vegetable dish, which is now a part of our monthly menu.

Charles teaches workshops on building puppets in Tuscon, Arizona with Tuscon Puppet Works.

Google image search on giant puppets.

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