Volunteer Spotlight: Rose

Wonderful Rose!  Rose volunteered at the Bosque for 11 weeks.  We miss her hard work, her subtle sense of humor, and the fun moments when she surprises you by breaking away from her normally quiet demeanor to say something witty or outrageous.  Her laugh is contagious and her eagerness to learn made her a wonderful addition to our volunteer team.

One of her most important accomplishments was helping finish the chicken coop and constructing the chicken apartment complex.  The apartment complex turned out amazing, it is sturdy and will house lots of chickens!

Rose also spent several days working on collecting songs for a Bosque songbook.  The songbook will allow more music to happen around the fires at night, and people who don’t know songs can quickly learn the popular tunes in Spanish and English.  She plays the violin and contributed to the live music at the Bosque.

Related to the songbook, Rose collected tons of songs and DJed our New Year’s Eve Dance party!  Her DJ debut was a success.

Every week she led meditation.  About meditation, Rose writes:
I hold meditation classes once a week at the Bosque. I teach techniques from the Zen and Tibetean Buddhist traditions as well as more secular forms like intention setting. I find meditation to be a great way to calm the mind and develop compassion and gentleness toward self and others. I like to share meditation with others because my personal practice has been so fulfilling to me.  In meditation, we bring our minds intently into focus on the present moment. I find this to be an interesting, challenging, and rewarding experience that I deeply enjoy sharing with others.

Rose is intensely interested in building a solar dehydrator, and plans to come back to the Bosque to accomplish this goal.  Her perseverance is one of her wonderful qualities; if she has an interest in something, she is not mildly interested; she passionately engages herself in projects and sees them through their completion.

We look forward to seeing her again.  Thanks Rose!

With Chris drawing plans for the chicken apartment:

Mixing cob for the chicken coop:

Leading meditation (she’s behind the tree.):

Taking a break from DJing at the NYE party:

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