Volunteer Spotlight: Judith

Judith participated at the Bosque as a resident volunteer for 5 months.  She spent a year total in Mexico, first volunteering at a school teaching English, and then moving to the Bosque to learn about eco-village living, natural building, activity leading, and permaculture.

And how we miss her!

During her time here Judith learned how to teach eco-construction and led teams of 3-10 people building out of cob.  She helped out our volunteer managers immensely by taking leadership, helping overcome language barriers, and being available to get teams running smoothly.

Translation of our website into German was half-completed on Judith’s arrival, and she not only completed the translation but also read through to look for errors in the other half.  We still need to put all of her translations online!  During rainy days and in the afternoons Judith dutifully translated, and finished up on her last day.

A passion of Judith’s is circus activity.  Once or twice a week Judith led circus games on the Mesa.  She taught juggling, spinning poi, and diablo.  Before dinner she taught trapeze.  Judith also made a large donation to the Bosque of some of her personal circus equipment.

Besides her contribution of activities and her awesome work ethic and leadership, Judith’s personality is so amazing.  She greeted new people with warmth, she answered questions and made people feel comfortable, and her concern for the well being of residents, volunteers, and guests was invaluable.  Judith is a friendly, caring, and intelligent woman!  She has moved back to Germany to start circus school, where she will undoubtedly exceed expectations and be an amazing success.

We thank you Judith for your time, your energy, and being you!  Good luck to you and come back some day!

Judith made an advent candle centerpiece:

In a nearby village teaching the breadmakers how to make a German bread (it was tasty!):

On her birthday:


With Hippie:

Leading cob with Kwan:

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