Canning Tomatoes

Tomatoes are in season.  This means they are cheap - as little as 3 pesos per kilo (about 10 cents per pound).  So we bought boxes of tomatoes to preserve them so that during their most expensive time we can still enjoy salsas and tomato sauces for pasta without paying nearly six times as much as we can pay right now.

This year we made two types of sauces, and skipped canning whole or diced tomatoes.  We made about 10 quarts of savory sauce for pasta or minestrone soups, and 15 quarts of spicy salsa for tacos, chips, or Mexican style soups.

Sterilizing jars:

Blanching tomatoes to easily remove their skins:

Laura removing skins off of 15 kilos of tomatoes!  She was good at this:

Ingredients for the spicy salsa:

And the final product:

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