Volunteer Spotlight: Mauricio

good-foto-of-himWe were so happy to have Mauricio join the Bosque team for three months!

Mauricio is originally from the state of Aguascalientes. He is a filming location manager and has been a part of creating several documentaries. His experience with filmmaking combined with his experience being a part of large teams made him an amazing addition to the Bosque.

Depending on the day, Mauricio helped out with general work such as building with cob and clearing trails, joined in on activities like pottery and papermaking, and filmed and edited videos that will give visitors a better idea of what to expect at the Bosque. During our team meetings he was able to provide valuable advice and ideas based on his experience running events and working to coordinate large groups of people.

In free time, Mauricio enjoys practicing yoga, meditating, and Edgu. He’s a people person but also enjoys time to himself; it was great to always know that he can be content with the simple forest setting and also participate in group events. A great person to know! We hope to have Mauricio back in the forest someday.

Be well Mauricio, and come back soon!

Videos Mauricio made:

Mauricio and Angela at bread class:
bread class

taking video

Editing video:
Editing video

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