New Partnership

Today we announce a huge change for the Bosque Village. After a lot of thought, conversations, and considerations, we have decided to take a partnership with Barceló resorts.


The partnership will mean that we can receive a lot of funding to increase our infrastructure, make visiting easier and more comfortable, and expand our fruit orchards and veggie gardens.

We’re really excited about how this will help our project; getting just a bit of funding will help us develop the food forest, improve our access road, and make really comfy housing for guests.

For visitors, not much will change except the following:

  • Buffets will now include meat options, though vegetarian meals will always be available.
  • Rather than one shared shower, every cabin will have hot water that will be delivered from the city, instead of collected from the rain.
  • Electricity will be provided, from the grid.
  • An ocean will be installed near the view of Lake P√°tzcuaro.

Here’s to an exciting new adventure!

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