This afternoon two avid birdwatchers came to visit and explore the potential for birdwatching here at the Bosque. They were very impressive! One women was able to identify every bird she saw - and she saw a *lot* of birds. She even saw a bird to add to her “life list” - the list she keeps of the birds she has seen.

It is great news for this forest! We will begin using a bird bath and other methods to attract an even larger variety of birds, and we will make a webpage for birdwatching here at the Bosque. It is possible that we may be able to organize some birdwatching retreats for visitors who have this interest - the woman who visited would make an excellent guide to work with! The entire lake area is great for birding, and we have found that the Bosque has an incredible variety, from elegant trogons to orioles to acorn woodpeckers.

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